Behind enemy lines in Florida. Go Badgers!

    So my family and I are vacationing in the heart of enemy territory.  Everywhere you go in Orlando and Daytona Beach there's nothing but Florida Gators merchandise.  Heck we even bought one of those small footballs to toss around on the beach.  We have plans for that ball.  More on that in the coming days.  While I was walking down International Blvd in Orlando, I noticed something.  Florida engineers aren't so bright.

We arrived Saturday in time to cheer on the Badgers at sports bar in Orlando.  Needless to say, the Villanova fans weren't to pleased with us wearing Badgers gear.

O.K., the resort in Orlando and Daytona Beach are beautiful.  

We will deposit this in a proper receptacle after the Badgers beat the Gators Friday night.  On Wisconsin! 

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