Fielder takes a swing at food show

Upon returning from Brewers Fantasy Camp, I was convinced that playing major league baseball was the best job in the world. 

I was wrong. 

Eating amazing food from really cool chefs/restaurants - and getting paid - would be better. 

Prince Fielder can attest. 

The former Brewers slugger - forced into retirement last year by a neck injury - is unleashing a new show, "Fielder's Choice," in which he and his wife, Chanel, are visited by famous chefs and try dishes with a variety of celebrities. Fielder will sample dishes and decide which one is "Fielder's Choice." 

The trailer looks cool. 

Fielder, who caused a bit of a stir in Milwaukee when he adopted a short-lived vegetarian diet, likes to eat and he likes to have fun.

The show is expected to debut next month on Netflix and Hulu. Check out the trailer below, along with a couple other clips featuring Prince and food. 

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