NFL bans a Super Bowl commercial from GNC

Last year, the Super Bowl was pretty boring. The commercials weren't much better. In fact, I think the commercials have slipped in quality over the past few years. It's almost more interesting to watch the spots that don't get on the air, rather the ones that do.  (Ashley Madison, for example). 

A few hours ago, word came down that the National Football League has banned an ad from nutrition supplement store GNC. It seems the NFl bars players from endorsing GNC, so the idea of allowing a Super Bowl spot seemed hypocritical. 

The fact that many NFL players, and athletes who aspire to play in the NFL, form GNC's target audience isn't relevant. From GNC's perspective, though, being banned from the broadcast may end up providing more publicity than if the spot had actually run.

Since you won't be seeing the spot on Sunday, here it is: 

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