The most 'fantasy camp' inning, ever

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PHOENIX -- Anything can happen during the course of a baseball game, but some things can only happen at Brewers Fantasy Camp. 

Take this afternoon, for example... 

During the middle innings of the first game of the day with my team, Sex Toy Vending Machine, I was slated to bat third in the order. That's usually a situation when you are guaranteed to visit the plate. 

I didn't. 

Since fantasy camp is about swinging the bat, hitters can draw walks, but don't get to go to first base on Ball Four. When a batter walks, a runner is sent to first base and the batter starts over with a 0-0 count. 

Our leadoff batter drew a walk, then erased the runner (himself) with a fielder's choice. The next batter 'walked' putting runners on first and second, and then erased the runner (himself) by lining into a double play. 

Inning over. We collected two walks and made three outs in the span of two batters. 

I led off the next inning. 

Only at fantasy camp.... 

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