Outrage!!!  The amateurish hiring of Jason Kidd, and the cold-blooded firing of Larry Drew has given back all the good-will created over the past 2-months.  If this is the way Marc Lasry and Wes Edens are going to conduct business in Milwaukee—then it’s the same dysfunctional Bucks, with different meddling ownership that botched the first BIG decision they made.


Big Business is often best with cold-blooded, back room deals that most people would characterize as “ruthless.”  Good.  The new ownership didn’t follow all the rules?  Good.  Some will see this as “Rookie” Ownership stumbling out of the gate?  Ridiculous.

 Here’s the deal—from a Public Relations standpoint, Lasry and Edens will suffer for the moment.  That moment is gone.  The shelf-life of bad PR in the hiring and firing game is short.  Later this week, Jason Kidd will be introduced as the Bucks’ new Head Coach.  Player moves in Free Agency will dominate the news and the NBA Summer League will appease the appetite of voracious basketball fans.  Kidd will be judged on the court in November and beyond.  No guarantees of coaching success with the Sophomore Coach in Milwaukee.  Coaches success and failure is impossible to predict.  Kidd won 44 times in his one and only season in Brooklyn.  He went 34-17 in the last 51-games.

Jason Kidd’s record and decisions will be the criteria by which he is judged in Milwaukee.  Marc Lasry and Wes Edens ability to gather public arena funding, and generate positive momentum for the Bucks’ being relavent for an ambivalent fan base will be how they are judged, not now—but over the next 3-5 years.


So go ahead, be disgusted with how this deal went down.  Put out the “red-flag” warning for new ownership mistakes.  Rage on about “that’s not how you do business.”  Then, over the next 36-months you can judge new ownership on the results and direction of the franchise…and maybe … just maybe, you’ll see this coaching change as Big Business.  As cold and ruthless as it seems…it just business and the ends justifies the means.  Or not.