I understand it’s a bit early to be talking about the 2015 Milwaukee Brewers, but I’m going to ignore my own advice about enjoying the moment, and peek into next year.  The Brewers are and have been in 1st place for more than 4-months, yet there is a nagging question about the team’s issue at 1st base.   Let’s first look at the statistics from the 1st base position, the Brewers rank: 28th BA , 25th SLG, 25th OPS, and 28th in Hits.  The position has had more stability in 2014  with the platoon of Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay, and it’s certainly been better—even good—defensively.  Yet, it’s still a position of need for the Brewers, with no legitimate MLB ready answers in the farm system.  That being said—I have the answer for 2015 and beyond.

Open your mind to this possibility—Ryan Braun is the starting 1st Baseman on opening day in 2015.  Newly acquired Gerardo Parra is your Right Fielder, Carlos Gomez in Center and Khris Davis in Left.  Parra has two Golf Gloves in the outfield, and is the offensive equivalent to Norichika Aoki.   Keep in mind--Parra is arbitration eligible for 2015, but is not a Free Agent until after next year.  From a positional standpoint, the Brewers would be set for 2015.  First Base would be solidified through 2020, and the Brewers’ farm system is relatively strong with outfielders.  Remember that Braun began his career as a 3rd Baseman with an erratic throwing arm.  He can play the position and be more focused on offensive production.   This is a plausible solution for the Brewers moving forward.

Think of what  the lineup could be on opening day 2015:

CF—Gomez   RF—Parra  1B—Braun

3B—Ramirez  C –Lucroy  LF--Davis

2B—Gennett  SS—Segura  P –Gallardo or Peralta or Lohse or …



That would also be the day the Brewers get their 2014 World Series Rings.  Think about it, it’s a winner.