When you play the St. Louis Cardinals… it seems more important.  When the Brewers play the Cardinals it seems like playing up hill.  The Red Birds are the best team in the National League…right?  Not according to the standings (Brewers 18-7…Cardinals 14-12), but according to an earned reputation, the Cardinals are the model franchise in Major League Baseball.  Most importantly for Brewers’ fans, the Cards have made the Brewers look bad…really bad since the 2011 NLCS.

Note…   2011 NLCS: Cards beat Brewers in 6-games—outscoring Milwaukee 43-26.  2012 season: Cards beat Brewers 9 of 15 games—outscoring Milwaukee 80-49.  2013 season: Cards beat Brewers 14 of 19 games—outscoring Milwaukee 106-70.  2014 season: Cards beat Brewers 2 of 3 games—outscoring Milwaukee 11-6.

Add it all together and the Cardinals have 29 of the last 43 games—outscoring Milwaukee 240-151.  That averages out to 5.6 runs per game for St. Louis… and just 3.5 runs per game for Milwaukee.  The Cardinals have dominated the head to head matchups.

I think we’ve had enough with the history… enough with the Cardinals and their dominance, and enough with bowing to the St. Louis’s supremacy.  However…baseball is about who you play and when you play them.  Milwaukee will likely play the next three nights in St. Louis without Ryan Braun, and Jean Segura.


The Brewers have been the better team in 2014…The Brewers have pitched better, hit better and played better defense.  Milwaukee is 4.5 games up on the Cards in the standings…but fans are nervous that St. Louis is “better” than their Brewers.  Games with St. Louis seem bigger, and they are.  But let remind you of this … the Brewers record is not 1-2…the Brewers record is 18-7…it’s the BEST RECORD IN MLB.