Greetings all!!


Phil Dawson here, back, tired, but happy to be back on-air and back with you guys. I spent the last two weeks in Japan visiting friends and my wife's family. She hails from Niigata, Japan, which is northwest of Tokyo on the other side of the main island. Niigata is known for it's rice and it's sake which is just delicious! 

Anyway...I'll post some pics soon or friend me on Facebook and you can click through them.


Sportswise though, it's like I woke up out of a 2-week coma. I remember the Brewers being in 1st when I left, and they still are, which is great.

I saw just the 4th quarter of the NBA finals and we discuss all that and more on the show today. 

We add Brian Posick to the mix and showcase our lack of soccer knowledge. 

We add "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan to the mix as well and Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

Talk to you tomorrow morning!


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