What a difference a week makes!!






A Wisconsin Football Identity Change:

Certainly the most stunning news was Friday when we learned of Tanner McEvoy starting at QB vs LSU. As I write this, Gary Andersen hasn't made it "official", but  Tanner didn't hide it well, when he tweeted out how thankful he was and started retweeting people congratulating him.

Why is it stunning? Well, because in the time that was allowed to be viewed by the media, McEvoy had not won the job, and Stave didn't look like he was someone losing a QB battle.

It's stunning because it really solidifies what Gary Andersen wants to do with this program. He wants a QB who can be more of a weapon. It's in line with what he's said, who he's recruited, and what we are going to see. It's bold. 

It should add another pressure point to defenses, but if it doesn't work, if Tanner isn't the "the guy", it could be a big misstep. While the WI v. LSU may not determine if a team is going to the playoff or not, it could be the one win that puts a team over the top.

I get the move, hell, I like the move, I expected the move at the end of the year last season, but I hope it plays out as everyone hopes. 

I wish I could have seen more practices, I wish I knew how Stave fits into the QB picture. I hope this team doesn't set itself up to be wondering what their identity is.

And this is the biggest concern to me...

Losing an identity. Wisconsin's advantage is, and always will be, the ability to recruit big hossess on either side of the line, and score a running back who can be the main weapon. 

Andersen has opened up the recruiting bridge in a much different way than his predecessors, with some good hits, but the net is cast very wide. They will have to prove it on the field that it works, and they will have to prove that it's something that can be sustained. This year's schedule plays out well for them, but don't forget that Andersen poo-poo'd the idea that this year is a "soft schedule", well, it is, and it should be handled as such, and no breaks will be given if it isn't and it could open a bigger can of worms if the minimum expectations aren't met.

Listen in to today's show...we hit on that and much more...