Carlos Gomez had some words for ex-MLBer Chipper Jones last night. If you missed it Jones called Gomez a "hot dog" and told him to "Enjoy ur upcoming suspension."



 Last night The Big 920's Jeff Miller caught up with Gomez and asked him about Jones' comment and it was clear Gomez wasn't happy. You can listen to the audio below.

“I don’t care what Chipper Jones say. He’s not the right guy to call me hot dog.”

Gomez made the point that he works hard every single game. “I give everything I have every single day.”

Gomez had even more for Jones saying, “He’s not a guy tell me how to play when he crying about a lot of stuff. I respect, he play for many years, but he has to respect me. If he come and talk crap, I’m not going to respect either. Respect when you deserve it and I don’t feel like he deserves respect from me.”

*Credit The Big 920 (WOKY) for the exclusive audio