The 2014 baseball season is just about in full swing a few teams have to still have to play their home openers, one of which are last seasons World Champion Boston Red Sox, they will host the Brewers this afternoon at Fenway.

New this year is the expansion of reviewable plays. Now not just fair/foul and home runs will be reviewed, there will be a solid handful of others. 

Manager Challenge: (each manager gets two. If a manager is correct he will retain the challenge)

-Force Plays (excluding neighborhood plays & tag ups on fly balls

-Tag plays

-Fair/foul in outfield ONLY (at or behind infielder)

-Catch/No Catch in outfield ONLY (behind infielder)

-Batter hit by pitch

-Ground rule doubles

-Fan interference

-Stadium boundaries

-Timing Plays

-Touching a base (requires appeal before challenge)

-passing runners

Umpire Discretion (Manager may request but CANNOT challenge):

-Home runs

-Home plate collisions

-Record keeping (ball-strike count, outs, score, illegal substitutions, rules check)

The reason I mentioned the Brewers in the opening paragraph is because they were already involved in a replay during their Opening Day, I was there and saw it first hand. Ryan Braun was called safe on a soft ground ball hit to third in the bottom of the sixth, it took ONLY :58 seconds, the play was reversed and Ryan was called out.


How did Ryan Braun feel about the replay call and its pace?

I have to admit, the process was quick, and that was my main sticking point. I thought replay decisions would take forever, but it didn't, and if this is the norm, then lets move forward into the 21st century and continue to make this game better.