Through the history of sport there has always been "Super Couples" DiMaggio and Monroe, Gastineau and Nielsen, Agassi and Shields, David Beckham and his wife Victoria (Posh Spice), some have made it, some have not.

Well, it looks as though another "match" is on again, or is it? This one involves 2011 American League Cy Young, and MVP winner, Tiger ace, Justin Verlander and "Super Model," Kate Upton. The two met during the shooting of the MLB2K12 Commercial, and were rumored to be dating during the summer or 2012. They allegidly broke up early in 2013, Upton started dating "Dancing with the Stars," Maksim Cherkovskiy, that 6 month union recently ended.

Enter Verlander...

Just last month (January 2014) Upton, and the flame throwing right hander were seen at a Flyers game, then again at a pre-game Super Bowl party put on by GQ, and most recently at the Thunder/Magic game Friday night (2/7/14)...where the Magic's mascot "proposed" to Upton (she didn't say "no").

Verlander just went through Core Muscle repair surgery and is recovering, maybe she's around for support. Upton has a movie coming out "The Other Woman." So maybe it's to generate interest.

Who knows??!?....

I do know that I went a long way, through alot of fluff, to get to Kate's BANNED 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: