Once again the Milwaukee Bucks will NOT have a representative in the NBA All-Star Game, which will be hosted in New Orleans this weekend (2/16/14), and I'm okay with that. Sure, I would love to see my team represented, but if the player didn't deserve, they didn't deserve it. Sunday's game will mark the 63rd installment of the Mid-Winter Classic, and in the past, 17 different Milwaukee Bucks have participated in 38 All-Star Games. (Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokoumpo will compete in the Taco Bell Skills Challange).


The last time Milwaukee was represented in the All-Star Game was 2003-04 season when Micheal Redd made the squad. The last Buck to start was Sidney Moncrief was the 1985-86 season.

Let's be honest no one one this team is worthy of a plane ticket to the "Big Easy." Also, a player coming out of MIlwaukee, considering the market that they play in, has to be extra good. So good, that not only fans here in Milwaukee are excited, but, fans across the country are as well (how many LeBron - Heat jerseys do you see at Bucks home games?).

All in all, both rosters this year are solid.  There will always be someone left out, because it's impossible to make everyone happy. If the NBA tried to that, each team would have 30 players on it, and would become as ridiculous as the All-Star Game in Major League Baseball, where every team has a representative, and then some.


The NBA has it right, in order to make the team you basically have to be the BEST of the BEST, not just the BEST on your team. Maybe next year will be the "Year of the Buck."

Good Luck Giannis!