The number thirteen followed suit and its ominous reputation on Monday, when it turned out to be unlucky for Bucks Head Coach Larry Drew. Drew was named the 13th head coach of the franchise for the 2013-14 season, a season that saw the Bucks finish with the worst record in the NBA at 15-67. 

The thing about it was Bucks weren't supposed to win, fans wanted them to "tank" so their team would have the best shot at a team changing draft pick...they got on in the #2 pick Jabari Parker (at least that's what Bucks Fans hope). Realistically the Bucks are not going to tear up the NBA next season either, which could mean another high draft pick...that's the plan right? That's what Larry Drew brought in for when he signed his 3 year contract. He was supposed to help build and mold these young players (Larry Sanders is the oldest at 25) into a strong and contending team.

Business is business no matter how shady it is. In life it's very rarely "what you know... but who you know" and...I'm sure Larry Drew had no idea he was going to be fired. Hell, General Manager John Hammond said he was unaware of the initial interactions between the Bucks new co- owners and 10 time NBA All-Star, Jason Kidd on taking over the head coaching reigns for the Bucks.

Kidd was STILL the coach of the Nets, and Larry Drew was not even fired yet. Drew was at the Draft at the Cousins Center, he was even showcased downtown at the Milwaukee Market when the Bucks introduced their first round pick to the fans at an open about being "blind-sided."

As it turned out Marc Lasry (one of the Bucks new co-owners) was at one time a minority owner of the Nets, and knew Kidd when he played for New Jersey, as well as at one time being Kidd's financial adviser.

In order to make this deal happen, Kidd had to strong arm his way out of Brooklyn where he finished his first year as head coach with a 44-38 record (6 wins less than his predecessor) and the Bucks had to sweeten the pot for the Nets with a second round draft picks in 2015, and 2019. Kidd did make the playoffs last season only to get bounced from the second round by Miami. 

Winning solves everything, and if the Bucks eventually win all will be forgotten on how Kidd came to town. Win or lose this was the WRONG move by the Lasry and Edens. They have an arena to figure out and get financed, they don't need to muddy the waters, and disrupt whatever fan base the Bucks still have. REMEMBER shovels have to be in the ground in 2017 for a new arena or the Bucks will be gone...Edens and Lasry will get their money back and "playtime" for their multi-billionaire co-owners will be done.