Since 1972 Jim Nabors has been a staple of the Indianapolis 500, and made many race fans weep by singing "Back Home Again in Indiana" before the big race, he's become an institution. Here's his 2009 installment:

The Indianapolis 500 has been run since 1911 and "Back Home Again in Indiana" has been sung before each race it since 1946, and has never sung be the same person twice until Alabama native Nabors did it in 1972, and even though the 83 year old Nabors says that 2014 is his final one, I don't believe it will be, and hope that it wont.

When New York Yankee Captain Derek Jeter heard that long time Yankee public address announcer Bob Sheppard was going to retire in 2007 he had an idea to keep "the Voice of God" alive at Yankee Stadium. So, since his retirement in '07, Sheppard's recorded voice has still introduced Jeter at home, at Jeter's request.

The old saying goes "out with the old in with the new," but just like Sheppard at Yankee Stadium, Nabors is an institution at the 500. Only a handful of times has Nabors not been present at the annual Memorial Day Race, but the Speedway still played a recording of his rendition, and did NOT go with a replacement... so why not do it forever?