Following this week's announcement that the Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway in April will be sponsored by the National Rifle Association, the track's president says he's open to revising its traditional Victory Lane celebration involving guns.

Typically, the winner fires blanks from revolvers. However, TMS president Eddie Gossage tells he will explore with team owners whether the celebration presents a conflict with any of their sponsors.

He says, "Shooting those blanks in Victory Lane, that's all in good fun. But I want to make sure we don't step on somebody's toes and make somebody uncomfortable. It could be a sponsor on the driver's uniform or something like that just because this race has the very direct connection to the NRA."

The April 13 race at TMS has been named the NRA 500.

NASCAR has launched an initiative to raise money and awareness for the victims of the school shooting last December in Newtown, Connecticut.