NHL legend Wayne Gretzky joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday to talk about the Kings / Rangers Stanley Cup Final....We also asked him about LeBron James leaving with cramps last night and he told us about his admiration for Darryl Sutter, along with his favorite hockey players of all-time.

Mohr: “We saw Lebron James get carried off the court with cramps last night. Hockey players seem to play with a different mindset….with broken ribs and stitches all over their face but, have you ever had cramps in a game and had to leave?”

Gretzky: “Yeah, a couple times. One year in the playoffs Kevin Lowe played with a broken wrist with a cast on his hand for all four rounds (that postseason), so hockey players are a different breed. A couple years ago Gregory Campbell blocked a shot, his leg broke, and he stayed on the ice to try to block another shot. Lebron James is a special athlete, and obviously he was in a great deal of pain last night, and it’s unfortunate for him and the Heat because they seemed to be in a good spot until he got injured. This shows you how important one player can be. All these conspiracy theories (today)…..that kind of stuff really doesn’t happen. I think it was just something that malfunctioned and is something everybody had to live with. It’s not an advantage for either team; it just seemed that Miami took the worst of it.”

Mohr: “Who’s the second greatest hockey player of all time?”

Gretzky: “The best player I’ve ever played with is Mark Messier and the best player I’ve ever played against was Mario Lemieux. The two greatest players ever to play are Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe, and you can argue which one was better than the other.”

Mohr: “You just mentioned Messier, Lemieux, Orr, and Howe but, somewhere Luc Robitaille is crying that you didn’t say his name (laughing)……”

Gretzky: “(Laughing)…..Lucky (Luc) is a wonderful guy and a good friend. He knows where he fits in, and was a special player. But, when you’re talking about Howe, Orr, Lemieux, and Messier, that’s a pretty good group of players….Those four guys are the Mount Rushmore of hockey right there.”

Mohr: “Are you ever going to coach again?”

Gretzky: “No, probably not. I loved every minute of it and enjoyed my time. I’m glad I did it but, at this point in my life I’m glad I’m just sitting back and watching. The four teams who made it to the conference finals have elite coaches. I happen to think right now Darryl Sutter is the best coach in hockey. The difference for the New York Rangers in this series is that the eastern conference plays a little bit more passive than the west. If you watch Sutter and his team, they have two players on the puck at all times, and maybe that caught the Rangers a little bit off guard. There is never any dull moment for the Kings, they’re always so aggressive, and that’s why I think he’s the best coach in hockey.”