USA Today NBA insider Sam Amick joins Bill Reiter and Kirk Morrison on Jay Mohr Sports to discuss the buzz in Cleveland about the rumors regarding a possible return of LeBron James to the Cavaliers

Morrison: “If LeBron goes back to Cleveland what has to be done to mend the pieces together (between LeBron and Dan Gilbert) from their fizzled relationship in the past?”

Amick: “Not in a million years we can all agree we didn’t think we’d be having this conversation. He (Gilbert) wrote that letter (to LeBron) heard around the world and said the Cavs were going to win a title before the Heat. In regards to their relationship, all I can say is you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I’m not saying Dan is an enemy, but LeBron would look like the bigger man going home. And he can expect that for the rest of his career, no matter what happens. They aren’t going to say a negative word about him in the state of Ohio for all of time, if he goes home. And I think that’s what I think is most enticing to him.”


Photo: Getty Images