Will you get caught up in the storm, Director Steven Quale hopes so as his new disaster movie Into The Storm blows into theaters Friday Aug 8th Rated PG-13 from Warner Brothers.

Into The Storm takes a look at the lives of different people in one day while a major storm system rolls around causing well some minor problems. We first meet Donnie(Max Deacon) and his younger brother Trey(Nathan Morris) both in High School and have been asked by their Dad(Richard Armitage) to chronicle the year and now it’s coming to an end with Graduation. Their dad Gary also just happens to be the Vice Principal of the high school and let’s just say this widowed father and his sons don’t seem to be on the same page. We also meet the crew of the Titus, an armored vehicle that looks to be the next stage of Storm Chaser fun, led by Pete(Matt Walsh) who is looking for that big break to catch a Tornado in its fullest and his crew. Pete is being helped by Meteorologist Allison(Sarah Wayne Callies) who hasn’t exactly been on target in their quest to find that one big Tornado and her relationship is going south. Intermingled within this story is Kaitlyn(Alycia Debnam-Carey) who is the girl that Donnie is enamored by but as usual doesn’t give him the time of day, also two knuckle heads who with their crazy stunts want to get their videos out into the social media world and try to bring some diversion to the intense act that is playing out in the city of Silverton.

Into the Storm wants to be bigger than life and on some scales does just that. The scenes where the Tornado play the role of star are outstanding. The vibration of my seats and the sound of the wind is pulsating. There were many times that I felt right in the eye of the storm and that kept me at the edge of my seat. However I felt those were few and far between, many people felt In the movie Godzilla we didn’t see enough of the monster and therefore we were let down or bored. In that movie I felt with an origin type film we do need to know a backstory but in this movie I just need to see the fury of what we already know is here, Mother Nature. I definitely felt some allegiance to the characters, I wanted them to make it and succeed. I really enjoyed Sarah Wayne Callies in The Walking Dead(she played Lori Grimes wife of Rick) and I really loved her here as well and along with Richard Armitage they really bring a star quality to the roles while Pete, the filmmaker, was interesting to me because he represented the gung ho attitude that many have to be first to get the story or first to be famous no matter what the cost but I really didn’t get to invested with any of the other characters. The two knuckle heads that were thrown into the movie as probably comic relief didn’t really need to be there, I thought they took away from the intensity of the movie. The whole first person idea with the filming kind of gets a little cumbersome, I read that Director Quale really relished the idea of POV(point of view) shooting for this but I felt it made the movie feel kind of b-movieish. I do give him credit for attempting it and I do think it can work but for some reason here it didn’t for me.

Into The Storm has many fun and unique traits to it and to the hardcore weather and disaster movie junkies I think they will find it entertaining but not sure the rest of the crowd will have enough Tornados to keep them interested or glued to the seat. Into the Storm tries hard to give us the thrills but doesn’t deliver enough for me to grab the fringe movie goer but if you like this genre then I think it will keep your fancy because trust me there were a couple of times when I felt my heart pattering, I just wished it was more. Director Quale does a nice job of trying to bring the Twister-esque movie to the Social Media age, an update to the media age that we live in now but I just wished there was more roller and less coaster.

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