Former LA Dodgers Great Orel Hershiser joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday and we asked about him what Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda had on his hand last night on the mound and why umpires aren't checking for these "foreign substances" more often.

Mohr: “If I was a manager, every other inning I would just randomly tell the umpire to go check the pitcher’s hands.”

Hershiser: “No…..the umpires are going to let it go too. It’s in the culture. This is just like the “neighborhood play” at second base. This has been in the culture of baseball for a long time. You have Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, and some of the greatest managers going into the Hall of Fame helping with the rules committee and instant replay, and they’re not even going to say anything about it, I promise you. This is something that has just been enlightened to the public and media, and became a fire storm when a player like Michael (Pineda) goes over the top. I’m sure he had something sticky on his hand even in the fifth inning when all of a sudden his hand was clean…he just had it on another part of his body.”