Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes Sports joins Jay Mohr Sports to explain the bet they took from Rory McIlroy’s father on his son to win the British Open.

Mohr: “So one more year and they (Rory’s dad and friends) would have lost their bet. He sure made his old man sweat it out, huh?”

Bridge: “Absolutely, They really did go to the 11th hour, and that’s what’s the ‘kick in the nuts’ for us over here. We were so close, yet so far, from keeping that money and not having to pay out thousands and thousands of pounds.”


Mohr: “What are some of the strangest bets you've received?

Bridge: “A lot of parents’ place bets when their children are a few months old… We’ve had bets on children that they would go on to become Prime Minister, to be the United States president, to be an astronaut, to walk on the moon, to find the Loch Ness monster. You name it…Within reason; we are likely to take a bet on it.”  


Photo: Getty Images