NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and, with Mike Woodson being let go in New York, we asked if Carmelo Anthony should be labeled a selfish player and what the chances were 'Melo might be staying in the Big Apple

West: "Oh gosh no! I think it’s ridiculous when people point the finger at him all the time. Every year he's been in the league, the team has been in the playoffs. You need the right players around you to support you. The Knicks they have a change in their head (of the organization) that is going to try and do things to give those players other players who complement them, not people that take away from their game. He (Carmelo) is a terrific player and he can play where he wants to but, I think he loves New York. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the Knicks do, because they are under a lot of pressure from a cap standpoint. There is not a lot of ways they can spend money to improve their team. They don’t even have a draft pick this year."