Houston Astros GM Jeff Luhnow joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday to chat about the promotion of star prospect George Springer and we also got his thoughts on the process of bringing Cuban players over to the big leagues.

Mohr: “Obviously you can't speak about the specifics of Yasiel Puig, but how difficult is it to get a guy over from Cuba to the United States, even if it's just to play baseball?"

Luhnow: “The reality of it is that major league teams don't have anything to do with getting the players out of Cuba. We get to evaluate them once they're out and you never know how they got there and there is obviously a lot of different things that happen because they have to defect and Cuba doesn't want them to leave...They figure a way to get out but, you never really know what the story is. Anytime you're looking at a Cuban player you're taking on some risk that something has happened in the past that you don't have any information about.”