North Carolina Tar Heels Head Coach Roy Williams joined Bill Reiter and Kirk Morrison on Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday. We got his thoughts on the Sweet 16 and also about the one and done college players and how it's affecting college basketball.

Reiter: “Yesterday, Bobby Knight made a comment… saying young players are leaving way too soon for the NBA and it’s having a disastrous effect on them.’ Mark Cuban a couple of weeks ago said development of these players be better served if the D-league expanded and that college basketball wasn't doing them a very good service…….In your opinion for young players that are trying to develop to have a chance in the NBA to maximize their potential, what is the right solution”?

Williams: “There is no perfect solution…The rule that would allow them to stay in college longer is better for the majority (of the players). I would drastically disagree with Mark Cuban. A guy that goes in the NBDL, goes to practice two hours a day and then goes and hangs around the hotel and what does he do the rest of the day? A guy in college is preparing himself for the world… I’m not one of those guys that think every college basketball player just cares about basketball. Marcus Paige is an Academic All-American. Marvin Williams went to school here one year and was the second player picked in the draft after his freshman year. He is (now) one summer school session away from graduating because he does care. It ticks me off when I hear people say something like that because it (makes it seem) every basketball player just thinks about basketball and nothing else. It is extremely important. Tyler Zeller stayed here for four years and was the Academic All-American Player of the Year. If you are going to tell me, he would be the person he is today by staying and playing in the D-league for four years as opposed to getting a degree from North Carolina, graduating from our business program, being the Academic All- American Player of the year. I would tell you, you are a Looney Tune”.