Memphis Tigers Head Coach Josh Pastner joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday and said that it's tough to completely stop fans from coming on the court during games but, had a few good suggestions and a even funny one.

Mohr: “How do you prevent fans from coming on the floor”?

Pastner: “There is nothing you can do but, if you really wanted to put a barricade up and be like hockey that’s the only way to do it but, who financially is going to be able to do that? Have more police and security there? Ok….but what about schools that can’t afford that. If somebody is highly motivated enough, whether it’s a football game, basketball game or any sporting event, if someone is that highly motivated and extremely patient, they could do no matter what security measure you put up. You know what the best security measures are? It’s the people around them… It’s a friend or somebody that hears something or sees somebody at the game who is acting a little strange or has maybe had too much to drink and they stop him. Is it easier said than done? Yeah, but that’s what it really comes down to”.

Mohr: “I got it….You know that space between the fans and the bench? Quicksand!!

Pastner: “You could do quicksand or do you know those things, the electric shock for dogs if they go too far…?

Mohr: “Yes! All fans wearing shock collars”!

Pastner: Yeah, you could do that!! But, you’re in the entertainment business. If somebody wanted to push you or get in your face, they would do it”!