Yahoo! Sports Columnist Dan Wetzel joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday live from Sochi during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics and gave us the scoop on his hotel accommodations.

Mohr: What was your hotel like when you checked in?

Wetzel: It’s classic….it was half done; it’s a crappy little hotel, but we have a new bathroom, a really nice bathtub but no shower rod or curtain. Try taking a shower without flooding your room! I’m probably going to ruin all of their tile. I had no door handle on the inside of my door, so if I close the door I would have locked myself in. For two nights I had to basically sleep with the door open. There are two beds but one pillow, so mercifully I’m alone but if I had another guy it would have been like that “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” scene fighting for the pillow. Totally bazaar place but it’s fine otherwise…”