Marquette Golden Eagles Head Coach Buzz Williams joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday and talked about where the new Big East ranks amongst the best conferences in the country

Williams: “I’m employed by a Big East institution, so I have loyalty there. I think the Big 12 is really good. But, I also think when you lose Louisville, Cincinnati, Syracuse, and Pitt, and then you see what they’re doing in their (new) respective leagues, you go ‘that old Big East was a bear’, and it was. Now you look at the new Big East, and you go ‘I don’t know who the best teams are other than Creighton or Villanova. Who are the rest of those teams’? I think that middle group is stronger than its every been. And the Big 12 is similar to that. When you play a round robin schedule there is much more you can compare, and say yes, this team is a good team (or no this isn’t a good team). When you play an unbalanced schedule, I don’t think our league has gotten the respect that it deserves, but I feel once we close out February, and head into March, I think we will end up getting five teams in the tournament, and I think anytime you get 50% of your league in the tournament, you have to say that is one of the better leagues in the country. I’m not saying we’re better, but I think as we close out February, it will continue to go the way that it is. I think where you get out of whack, regardless of the league, is when everyone talks about the top, you really have to look at the bottom. If the bottom teams are bad, then the 2 wins against those teams, it tricks the numbers. There’s not a bad team, and I don’t know the bad team”.