Kansas Jayhawks Head Coach Bill Self joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday and out of all of the All Americans that he's coached, we wanted to know the best player he's ever had.

Mohr: Who's the greatest player you've ever coached?

Self: You could say Deron Williams was, but, he was just a freshman when I had him (at Illinois). I think he averaged only about 8 a game. As far as college players, the best I ever had was probably Wayne Simien - for production. But, when you talk about who's going to be the best player(s).....it's the two guys I'm coaching now......Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embid will be the two best players I've ever had. The ceiling for both of them is so high. They're both so young and green and just starting to figure it out. They can do some things that you can't coach and they're both ridiculously bright. I think they could be the two best I've ever had.