Where is Green Bay? It’s where the Packers play. That’s all you need to know.

According to market researchers Nielsen Scarborough, 84% of adults in Green Bay are Packers fans, identified as such having watched, attended, and/or listened to the team’s games this past year. It seems little else goes on there to compete for their attention, and anything that does revolves around the team.

Like Church. So many of the faithful flock to Lambeau Field on Sunday that a Roman Catholic priest decided last season to bring mass to them — to a tailgate party.

And love. A dating website for diehard fans, Packers Backers, launched in April of this year and claims to be the fastest growing relationship site on the web. Member “Lucy411″, a college-educated, gainfully employed 29-year old is satisfied. She started dating a fellow Packer Backer in June and attested that they were both looking forward to the upcoming season.

Even official city business. Within the government’s seal is the team’s green and yellow outlined white ‘G’ logo and below it reads “TitleTown USA” a nickname earned in 1961 after the Packers won their 7th championship and holds today with the team’s record 13 championships.

Now we have one more title to bestow: Best Fans in the NFL.