For the last 4-days Football has been center stage at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Not an unusual venue…the Super Bowl, the Big Ten Championship Game, and the Colts play there.  This week though, Football takes on a different form.  What’s your 40 time, how many reps at 225, what’s your vertical, and what did you score on the wonderlic.  These questions replace…how many tackles, sacks, yards and touchdowns.  It’s good, I guess.  I understand it, maybe.

What was Joe Montana’s 40 time?  Does anybody remember what Reggie White’s time was in the shuttle run?  Brett Favre’s vertical?  Lawrence Taylor’s Wonderlic?  Measureables and statistics this week are just different.  For NFL GM’s, Coaches and Scouts, this week is a chance to walk through the Supermarket of potential NFL players and squeeze, pinch, probe, and sample the goods.  It’s good I guess, I understand it, maybe.

This is a week the NFL trades in pads and helmets for skin tight body suits usually reserved for Olympic track athletes.  It’s a week that the best of the best Quarterbacks, show up-- show off a little, then leave without throwing the football.  Wait…isn’t that what they’ll be drafted to do?


I say It’s good, I understand it, maybe.  But—I don’t.  I love football…this is the best Football has to offer in late February.  It makes me like basketball a lot more.  My football is about blocking, tackling, and touchdowns.  Tell me about the Combine…it’s good I guess, I understand it, maybe.  Did the Packers win?