I think the more I look back at Saturday night/Sunday morning’s Badger game… the more frustrated I am at College Football’s lack of commitment to “Get it right.”  We see timing issues regularly in College Basketball and the NBA—what routinely happens is the officials get together and work to get it right.  What should have happened Saturday night?  A number of things:

  • ·         Joel Stave needed to be more obvious in his “taking a knee” … and held onto the ball
  • ·         The Referee needed to take control of the situation—to help out his Umpire who was “lost” in the process of trying to spot the ball
  • ·         The Referee confirms that Stave “kneeled down” … but doesn’t do either of the two things he could/should have done

  1. 1.       Blow the whistle…stopping the clock to get ASU off the ball and all the ball to be spotted
  2. 2.       Throw a flag for “Delay of game.”  By rule, the Defense cannot cover the ball for the purpose of delaying the official spotting the ball.
  3. 3.       Finally—If there was confusion on whether Stave had “kneeled down” – go to official replay review which also would allow you to spot the ball and wind the clock appropriately.
  4. 4.       Finally…what’s your hurry—Officials should have huddled together before racing to get off the field.  GET IT RIGHT (even if right –is wrong)


The Badgers lost a game—not a B10 game—but a game nonetheless that they had a great chance to win.  Wisconsin did enough to win…they missed enough opportunities to be in a position to lose.

Packers are good—maybe really good.  Aaron Rodgers is great!  The running game is good enough.  The Redskins are not very good…and with Robert Griffin instead of RGIII they are even worse. 

That’s what I think for now.