I think I am still having a hard time accepting what happened Saturday night in Tempe.  The obligatory statement of apology from the PAC12 did nothing to make the Badgers or their fans feel any better.  I have watched the closing sequence too many times to count.  I also reviewed how long it took the Officiating crew to “spot the ball” on dozens of plays in the 2nd half—ranging from :05-:08 seconds.  When Joel Stave placed the ball on the ground—there was :13 on the game clock.  It’s pretty simple to do the math.

                I think Purdue is in trouble Saturday at Camp Randall.  The Badgers are favored by 24-points.  Interestingly, Wisconsin won by 24-points last year in West Lafayette.  I think I would be surprised if they didn’t match or exceed that on Saturday.

                I think the Major League Baseball season is still going on.  I also think the 1-game Wild Card playoff games scheduled for October 2nd (NL) and October 3rd (AL) is dramatic but wrong.  At least make it a best of 3.  Baseball is not a game that is designed for a single game playoff.

That’s what I think for now.