Not meant to be a “Thanks for the memories blog,” but hearing that Bob Uecker is cutting back on his Brewers Radio workload in 2014 got me thinking…how lucky have we been?  I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 47-of-my 50 years.  Listening to Bob Uecker since 1971 has been an incredible pleasure.  I’ve spent more time listening to Uecker than any other broadcaster in my life.  Uecker is a friend created by 43 years of an amazing one-sided conversation.  It’s all part of being a fortunate Wisconsin Sports-Radio fan.

The current cast of play-by-play announcers in Wisconsin is special—headlined by Uecker.  But, we’ve also been very lucky to listen to one of the best—Matt Lepay—for more than 20-years on Wisconsin Football and Basketball games.  He has never failed to deliver in the biggest moments.  Lepay is not just good—he’s great!  Wayne Larivee on the Packers Radio Network since 1999, Steve “The Homer”  True with Marquette Basketball for 20+years, Ted Davis with the Bucks and Brian Posick with Badger Hockey , Wisconsin Sports radio play-by-play is very good.

Personally, I separate Uecker and Lepay from the rest.  They are in the exclusive category that includes Jim Irwin and Eddie Doucette.  Irwin, the longtime “call-everything” in Wisconsin Sports Radio, was classically great.  He was folksy, funny and descriptive all at the same time—the trifecta.  Jim and Max (McGee) will always be “Packers Football.”  Eddie Doucette also makes my list.  Maybe Doucette is on my list because I loved his catch phrases as a kid.  “Jackknife Jumpers” and “Bango” were part of my language as a kid playing basketball in the driveway in Appleton.

We’ve been incredibly lucky as Sports-Radio listeners in Wisconsin.  I think we’ll be lucky for years to come.  Bob Uecker will work less and be appreciated more.  We are lucky.