To be clear…I am a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, that being said, I love what Carlos Gomez brings to the game. 

To be clear…if I were not a fan of the Brewers, I would sometimes hate what Gomez brings to the game.

As a Brewers’ fan you see Gomez as a spark, an igniter, a rally starter, a run producer, and a game changer.  You see passion, intensity, excitement, and love of the game.

As a fan of other teams, especially in the National League, you see Gomez as a hot-head, an instigator, an over-excited trouble maker.

As a Brewers’ fan you see incredible speed, power, and instincts--you see five tools 1-Speed, 2-Arm strength, 3-Hitting for Average, 4-Hitting for Power, 5-Fielding.  You see an MVP candidate, and you see adrenaline.

As a fan of other teams and the game, you see a lack of discipline both at the plate and on the bases, you see bat flips, and you see a lack of composure.

The real truth is probably somewhere in between.  Baseball fans…fans of the game… can see Gomez for his talent and his over-exuberant behavior.  They can see power and speed and they can see bad swings and irresponsible base running…they can see intensity and his passion to win every day for the Brewers every day, and they can see a perceived lack of respect for the opposing team.


Most often—I SEE—a player with incredible talent, desire and passion.  Sometimes I see a player who loses perspective and gets lost in his passion.  The best way I can describe it…Gomez is my favorite Brewers player to watch play…however…if Gomez played for the Cardinals, he would be public enemy number one.  It’s the love and hate of Carlos Gomez…it’s entertaining.