Earlier today, NCAA President Mark Emmert, announced breaking news that the NCAA will no longer sell memorabilia. Our Badgers insider Andy Baggot, from the Wisconsin State Journal, joined the show to share his thoughts on the matter and of course, talk a little Badgers football.  

Baggot on the NCAA’s decision to stop selling jerseys:

Mark Emmert is going into a corner with this. I don’t think he had much choice to take the actions that he did. Let’s face it. This is what the NCAA is known for. The NCAA is known more for its issues right now than the good that it does for student athletes and that’s the problem.  I don’t know if Mark Emmert can steer the ship back toward things that are more academic centric, that are more praiseworthy, all those types of things.  The NCAA is in a position right now where it’s trying to fight in a ring with way too many people throwing punches and those punches are hitting some very vulnerable spots.

Baggot on the Badgers’ practices so far:

There is crispness to Gary’s Practice that seems noticeable. That’s not to say that Bret Bielema didn’t have a pace to his practice, but there’s little bit more of a tempo that’s going on. You don’t hear a lot of "in your face" profanity, getting after guys, and that type of thing, and that might change when there’s hitting, but up to this point it’s been very businesslike and very purposeful.  Separating the offense and the defense for portions of practice, that’s kind of been a new thing. I think we’re going to see a lot of new things with Gary Andersen.