Sports Illustrated's Don Banks was on the show today to talk about his assessment of Packers training camp.

On running backs:

I think the running back position is in better hands, top to bottom, than I've seen Green Bay in recent memory. I thought the two rookie running backs kind of jumped out. Jonathan Franklin had a really nice reception that Rodgers threw him that went the distance. Mr.. Lacy I thought had a strong day as well. That guy does not take too long to get through the gauntlet drill. If they keep four backs and a full back, they're cutting a pretty good running back at some point this preseason.

On Lacy Photo/Weight:

I talked to Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. They are not unhappy with his conditioning or his weight. Mike McCarthy told me today that he came in the same condition and weight as he left five weeks ago when OTA's ended. I think it's a non issue. There's been some questions about his work ethic and I think people took that photo and ran with it.

On Packers toughness:

I think you like to see a team that pushes a team backwards sometimes and wins the physical battle on a regular basis. I don't necessarily think that's that Packer's strong suit defensively. I don't look at the Packers and see a soft defense though. I look at the Packers and see at times they got out schemed. Obviously they got embarrassed by a 49ers offense that they couldn't stop.