Sports Illustrated's Bill Syken joined the show today to talk about the history of the Green Bay Packers and his new book Green Bay Packers: Green, Gold and Glory.  Check out the book here:

On Curly Lambeau:

He was not just a great business man in terms of building a team that survived in Green Bay, but he was a visionary in the forward passing game as well. He put together a team that had a lot of success early on. They had a running attack, but they were one of the first teams really utilize down-field passing. In the late twenties and thirties they started to rack up the championships early on.

On Green Bay becoming Title Town:

It really started with the arrival of Vince Lombardi. The team had been 1-10 in the year before he got there. He turned them into winners right away. Part of that was his coaching, recognizing Bart Starr, and making amazing personal moves. It really all turned around once Vince Lombardi was hired from the Giants.

On his book:

There's a lot of text and a lot of great old stories, but you have these huge photo archives dating back to the magazine in 1954 too. The star of the show is definitely these big beautiful photos. There are angles of pictures you just couldn't get today. They're right on the field and right on the sidelines. There are just beautiful pictures all over this book.