It’s Day 2 of practices for the Badgers, and Jeff Potrykus from JSOnline joined us from Madison to give us an inside look at the football team's progress so far and what we can expect this upcoming season.

Potrykus on Dezmen Southward:

He can do anything. He can play corner if they needed.  How they use him, whether it’s a blitzer or in run support or in man coverage, will be determined by how strong they are in the other spots in the back end and how comfortable they feel letting him do different things. If they don’t feel comfortable with that other safety spot and they have some issues at corner, you’re going to see him more being a deep safety, which is not what they want to do. He can do that, but he can do so many other things, so the more comfortable they are with the other guys, the more they will be able to use him aggressively, which is what they want to do, and it’s what Dez wants to do as well.

Potrykus on the quarterback battle:

They have two scrimmages set on Mondays; I believe it’s the 12th and the 19th. They are both open to the public. I think that after those two scrimmages you should have a good idea, or at a minimum, go from three to two, and after that second one you’ll probably have a good idea as to who has that inside track on that number one spot.  Unless it’s so bunched up that no one has separated one way or the other, I think it’s going to be quite obvious who’s going to be the number one guy.

Potrykus on Tanner McEvoy:

[His throw] is a funky motion. I counted three times yesterday that his passes were batted down by defensive backs, [because] you can’t see things as quickly the first day, you have to get used to how quickly the DBs can react.  All three guys were okay yesterday.  I think the head coach put it best afterward. He said, “This is not going to be decided in one day. Every day is important.” These guys are at least two weeks off before someone makes a jump and says, “I‘m the guy pick me.”