Mike Heller talks with Packers rookie Datone Jones at Packers training camp. 

On hitting Lacy:

I saw him running up the side. At first immediately I was going to tag off, but at the end I was like he's running down the sidelines I might as well try to get a good hit on him. I just gave him a little pop. I kind of eased up. I don't want to hurt my teammates.

On first NFL camp:

I'm just having fun. Football should be fun. It shouldn't just be a job. You got to have fun out here. That's the main key. We're practicing for a purpose. Everyday I come out here and my main focus is to just take another step to greatness. I focus on my craft and focus on getting better with the team.

On transition from college:

At first it's kind of fast. I'm playing up against guys that played against the best. Guys who played in a Super Bowl. For me to come in and be able to compete really fast just lets me know that I'm blessed to come from a good college program. It was tough, but I've adjusted pretty fast.