So many moments you’ll never forget… Aaron Harrison’s 3-point shot is the latest, and for the moment the most painful memory for Wisconsin sports fans in a long list of unforgettable heart breaking moments.  Of course, Wisconsin sports’ fans are not alone…in fact we are a distant runner-up at best to Cleveland (see Jordan over Ehlo, Byner fumble, and the Drive).

After Harrison’s game winning “3” (which I insist is a bad shot), and Treavon Jackson’s miss at the buzzer in the National Semi-Final Saturday night in Arlington, Texas…I began to go through the heartbreaking moments in Wisconsin Sports:

 Packers--4th and 26 at Philadelphia, Steve Young to Terrell Owens at Candlestick, Favre’s final pass and interception as a Packers QB vs the Giants in the NFC Championship game, Rodgers fumble/interception in overtime at Arizona. 

Brewers—Game 7, 1982 World Series blowing a 3-1 lead in the 6th inning and losing to the Cardinals (My life-long hatred of the Cards was born). 

Badger Football—It seems as though it begins after the departure of Barry Alvarez from the sidelines…but a “Hail Mary” loss at Michigan State… another of the same variety a week later at Ohio State both in the 2011 season, the batted down 2-point conversion in the Rose Bowl with Scott Tolzien, and the ASU ridiculousness in 2013.

Other—Cubs…With a century of failure to choose from…Leon Durham’s 1984 “through the legs-error” on a ground ball by Tim Flannery—and the Steve Bartman foul ball followed by an Alex Gonzalez error kept the Cubs from going to the World Series in 2003.  Red Sox—Bill Buckner, enough said.


What’s the worst?  Hard to measure…heartbreak in sports lives forever…I’m sure you know.