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Officer Darren Wilson was named as the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO leading to a week of violence and protests. Up until Friday, the local police had not released any information about the shooting, or the officer involved and what led to it. 

While the circumstances around the shooting are still being debated, the police did offer some insight into what led to the fatal confrontation.

Officer Wilson was responding to a 911 call about a strong-arm robbery at a nearby convenience store. Police released surveillance footage from the store, which appears to show Michael Brown and another man, Dorian Johnson, taking a box of cigars and threatening the store clerk before leaving.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson did not name Brown as a suspect during the short press conference, but he was named numerous times as the suspect in the police report from the robbery. 

Here are some pages from the police report:

There is no word on whether the police have recovered the stolen cigars, or spoken to Johnson about his involvement in the robbery. Dorian Johnson was interviewed by the police as a witness to the shooting.

Jackson admitted that Michael Brown was not stopped because he was a robbery suspect. He was stopped by Officer Wilson because he was walking in the middle of the street. 

Click here to read the police report.